Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have not done Pilates before. What is your advice? 
If you wish to join our group sessions, we recommend taking few private classes first. This will allow you to comprehend and focus on the foundations of Pilates as well as developing a more solid understanding on how to perform the exercises correctly. At the same time it is a good opportunity to allow your instructor to examine your body alignment and identify any postural issues so that she can give you proper exercise modifications. Having done that, the client can get greater benefits when joining the group.

2. What kind of results can I expect? How soon? 
One can expect increased flexibility, strength, endurance, mobility, defined and tones muscles as well as an improved posture. Similarly, back, neck and any other type of muscular pains can be alleviated. Each individual varies on how soon the results might occur on their bodies. What we strongly recommend though is to be consistent if you wish to see results soon.

3. How often should I do Pilates? 
The ideal is two to three times per week. However, if one wishes to attend classes only once a week due to heavy schedule, he/she can still gain the benefits of the programme.

4. I suffer from back pains. Can I still do Pilates? 
We first advice you to consult your physician before joining classes. However, Pilates exercises are primarily designed in such a way so as to strengthen your core and back muscles, therefore gaining a greater support in the spine. As a result, this alleviates any back and postural pains. At the same time Pilates exercises require calmness, control and focus so there is no any prospect of injury. Consequently, Pilates is a safe method and it is used for rehab patients.

5. Can I combine Pilates with any other workout? 
Pilates is perhaps the greatest exercise workout to combine with any other physical activity. Strengthening the deep abdominal muscles together with the back muscles, helps in preventing injury, makes the participants more agile and increases stamina and endurance. We recommend that Pilates can be a great complement with any cardiovascular exercise and weight training programmes.

6. What are your school's policies? 

  • In the case of a private session, cancellations must be informed 24 hours in advance to avoid charging. Classes should be paid in advance.
  • In the case of a group session, cancellation must be informed 24 hours in advance due to limited number of space. Classes should be paid at the beginning of each month.
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