Our Studio

Our studio offers matwork classes based on STOTT PILATES method. The classes can be either in:

  • group sessions (up to 6 people) – for those who wish to improve their strength and flexibility without building bulk. These are achieved by using fitness circles, dumbbells, elastic bands, mini-balls, fitness balls etc.

  • private sessions (one-on-one training) – a class specifically designed upon the needs of the client. Usually it is targeted for those who have back and neck pains, postural imbalances or just had a surgery and wish to restore their body's performance as soon as possible.

  • semi-private sessions (2 or 3 people) – for those who have the same needs and goals and wish to have a more personalised programme.

For any other inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us.

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25 334 418


34 Nikou Pattichi Street,
3071 Limassol,


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